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Online Management System
What is Management System ?
A management system is a set of policies, processes and procedures used by an organization to ensure that it can fulfill the tasks required to achieve its objectives. These objectives cover many aspects of the organization's operations (including financial success, safe operation, product quality, client relationships, legislative and regulatory conformance and worker management).

Why Online Management System ?
The success and its longevity depend heavily on your management system. Back in the past and up until now, the most common way that people do this is through manual labor of imputing the data for sales, finance, production, marketing, and all other departments. Though people are using a computer and software to do this, the data is kept in separate place according to the different functionals. This method is outdated and not recommended if you wish to have an easier time looking at analyzing your business in the bigger picture, you need everything to be integrated into one system that can manage it all. And Here Our Online Management System That can fulfill the tasks required to achieve your objectives.

Benifits of the System
1. Increase Worker Performance or Motivation
As worker performance are visible to all and management uses those information on salary, bonus and other facts so every worker must try to put better performance. As a result they will work more and more instead of wasting work-hour.

2. Reduce salary or Office Expenses upto 30%
Suppose a project needs 100 work-hours to be completed, But After apply this management system the same project needs only 70 work-hour. Because every one will Try to work better than others, so no time will be wasted. So 30% work-hour saving mean 30% worker saving, and ultimately 30% salary reduced.

3. Reduce Management Presure upto 60%
Every Employee and Worker will have an Account. So Every one will put their necessary information into this system. As a result a rich database system will build and management can find any official information very quickly and easily.

4. Project or Customer Valuation
Get Details info about your customer or project. Project history, address, representative, Supplied product list, Labour-costing, Work-hour etc.

5. Employee or Worker Valuation
By a click, Find out who is the best for your company. Who have supplied maximum product, Who have successfully done maximum order. and More..

6. Product Inquery and Details
Get information about your Products, Sales Inquery, Supply/Sales-History, Available Qty, Supply-cahin, Purchase-info

7. No installation are Required (Browser Only)
As it is an internet based database system so no additional software or app are required to access it. Any browser like firefox, chrome, opera etc can be used for this system.

8. Access By any device (Mobile or PC)
No need any Special device, Internet browser supported any device like laptop, desktop, smart phone can be used to access this system

9. Access from Anywhere (By Internet)
Access from Home, Office or on the way. Only internet connection are required.

10. Save Time, Labour, and Money

Available Services (For Company) :
1.Employee Management
2.Project Management
3.Product Management
4.Attendance Management
5.Work/Order Management
6.Notice Management
7.Permission Management
8.Quotation Management
>>>>>>Coming Soon>>>>>
9.Invoice Management
10.Payment Management

Available Services (For School/College) :
1.Student Management
2.Teacher Management
3.Result Management
4.Attendance Management
5.Home Work Management
6.Notice Management
7.Permission Management
8.Online Exam Management
9.Class/Exam Routine
10.Payment Management

School/College : Per Account = 30tk Per Month
Office/Business : Per Account = 60tk Per Month
Example :
180 student + 20 teacher = 200 Accont
Bill : 200x30=6000tk/Month, or 72000tk/year

Pricing (E-Commerce/Showroom)
Monthly 2000tk or Yearly 24000tk
Dedicated hosting with domain or sub-domain
Entry limit : Max 50,000 entry

Payment Method
10% Discont for Yearly Payment
Three months Advance for Opening service.
Money Back guaranty if unsatisfied
Bkash, Rokect, islamibank ltd, City-Bank

Field Of use :
1.School/College/Coaching Center
2.Hospital And Pharmacy
3.Office and Company
4.Online Shop and Showroom
5.E-Commerce Business